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San José City Tour

San José
Starting at $53.00
Additional Info
  • Est. Departure: 12:00 pm
  • Est. Return: 5:00 pm
  • What's included: Transportation, billingual tour guide, entrance to the Gold Museum and to the National Theater
  • What to bring: Camera, umbrella or raincoat
  • Price: Starting at US$53.00
  • Children: 25% discount for children under 10 years old.
  • Location: San José
  • Type: Leisure, Cultural
  • Tour Type: One Day Tours
  • Duration: 1 Day


San José City Tour 

San José is the capital city of Costa Rica, located at the west side of the country, and it is the nation's largest city. Located in the Central Valley, San José is the seat of national government, the focal point of political and economic activity, and the major transportation hub of this Central American nation, it comprises a third part of the country's population. It is named in honor of Joseph of Nazareth.

 Though few people live in the city center, it is the most important working area of the country, which brings in more than a million people daily. Despite its problems, according to studies in Latin America, San José is still one of the safest and least violent cities in the region. In 2006, the city was appointed Ibero-American Capital of Culture and also it is ranked 15th in the world’s fastest growing destination cities by visitor cross-border spending.

This tour will immerse you in the unique Costa Rican culture, folklore, history and heritage through visits to the different museums, art galleries, amazing parks and many others. This tour will show you the urban treasures that San Jose protects.

Starting with the tour through the San Jose City, you can have the opportunity to see one of the most recognized and concurred parks of the country which is the Sabana Park (Parque de la Sabana), in this place its very common to se families enjoying together a beautiful weekend. You can see people horseback riding, going on a boat in the lake, playing football soccer, baseball, roll skating, biking, or just walking around. 

We cannot continue if we do not stop to admire the incredible National Theater of Costa Rica. Finished in 1897, with a magnificent infrastructure and a neoclassical architecture. It is one of the most popular theaters; this theater is consider the architectural gems of our country. The ornate structure dates back more than a century and is a source of national pride. Also you can find a small cafeteria and a gift shop inside the building. 

 Continuing with this spectacular tour, we will visit the Gold Museum which is an historical, archeological, and cultural museum. The museum has an extraordinary collection of gold made objects, which show the worldview social structure, and goldsmithery of the pre-Columbian towns that were part of the current Costa Rican territory and history. 
You will be amazed by the wonders found in this museum!

 Then, our next stop is at The University of Costa Rica wich is one of the most 
prestigious universities in the country. Afterwards, we will visit The Ancient Train Station, The National Liquor Factory, The Legislative Assembly, The Metal Building, and other places. This journey give you a wide knowledge about our capital San Jose and the country, too. 

Don’t miss this opportunity. You will fall in love of Costa Rica!