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Green Lagoon

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Green Lagoon Spa

There’s no better place at this wellbeing resort to replenish your body, mind and spirit than their EcoNatura Spa. Whether you are relaxing, or after a day of adventure and hiking, a therapist will pair their skills with natural healing ingredients to restore your body. Magnificent music, great views, the aromas and sounds of the fresh breeze from the forest and gardens around you will fill your soul and senses.


Green Lagoon Mountain Signature & Packages.

·        30/40 min Happy Trails Happy Feet Massage.

·        40/60/75 Dream Mountain Relaxing Massage.

·        45/60 Paradise Mountain Couple's Massage.

·        2.5 Hrs EcoNatura SPA Deluxe Dream.

·        2.5 Hrs GreenLagoon Springs Dream.

·        1.5 Hrs Chato and Arenal Brothers Mud Massage.

·        Mirador Tiki Grill & Bar's Face & Body Relax.



·        Relaxation with Melyssa’s Essence.

·        Sensual Essence of Sandalo.

·        Winter Eucalipt Essence.

·        Energizing Lemon-Orange Essence.


Traditional Massage Therapy.

·        45/60 Green Lagoon Massage Therapy.

·        45/60 Cerro Chato Swedish Massage.

·        45/60 EcoNatura Deep Massage.

·        60 min TreeLand Mudssage.

·        80 min Hot Mountain Stones Massage.

·        20 min Facial Massage.



The therapists apply pressure point techniques to your feet, which triggers feedback signals to your internal organs & structures of the body, restoring balance and enhancing a sense of wellbeing.

·        45 Min Wellbeing Reflexology Therapy.

·        45 min Waterfall Upper Back, Shoulders & Neck Massage.


Green Lagoon Special Body Treatments.

·        60 min Green Lagoon Gardens Tropical Fruits Wrap.

·        60 min El Escondido Oat & Honey Wrap.

·        60 min Paradise Mountain Ranch's Mud Wrap.

·        60 min Chato Hill's Chocolate Body Wrap.


Body Polish Treatments

Exfoliation Body Scrubs: An important part of taking care of your skin, mainly with the removal of dead surface skin cells. It promotes regeneration and rejuvenation. EcoNatura SPA uses a natural organic products from their "El Escondido Organic-Biological Gardens" at Green Lagoon when available or other providers.

·        60 min El Escondido Organic Coffee & Orange Scrub.

·        60 min GreenLagoon PhO Labs Tropical Fruits & Brown Sugar.

·        60 min El Escondido Oat & Honey Scrub.

·        60 min Chato Hill's Chocolate & Brown Shugar Scrub.

·        60 min GreenLagoon's Organic Herbs Scrub.


Facial Treatments

·        60 min Garden of Eden PhO Labs Facial Cleaning.

·        30 min Paradise Mountain Ranch Mud Mask, Neck + Shoulders.

·        30 min Costa Rica Natural Springs Purifying Facial Mask.

·        30/60 min Superficial/Deep Facial Therapy.